EU is actively involved in ensuring the security of data in European cyberspace. It highlights the importance of raising awareness of cyber safety and cyber hygiene by establishing different organizations and organizing many different events which include workshop sessions, studies, and directives including GDPR and NIS directives. Sharing the knowledge and experiences of the EU in Georgia is a subject of utmost importance.

The creation of educational program for studying GPDR principles for data protection is an essential element for changing the current situation in Georgia. Only significant special actions can accelerate the acquisition of the necessary skills of the workforce, policy-makers, and the general public.

The main aim of the project is to promote excellence in teaching in the field of data protection, to improve the quality of higher education in Georgia based on European experience, and to foster dialogue between the academic world and society. The goal of the project is also to increase the awareness of data protection in the wider public.

In this regard, the project has the next specific objectives:  

– Study of EU best practices for implementation and strategic documentation on GDPR and data protection.

– Development of seasonal school specialized on GDPR and data protection for students, academic staff and specialized audience from business and public sector (technical staff, decision-makers, and policy creators).

– Development a series of online training courses for the general public from regions on personal data protection and cyber hygiene in accordance with EU standards.

– Reinforcing links between the academic world, society, and policy-makers.